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Welcome to Precision Windows & Doors. Our windows & doors are designed specifically with high energy efficiency in mind, offering superior comfort, thermal efficiency, and exceptional durability & performance.

Designed in Ireland

Designed & Built by Professionals in Ireland, Manufactured & Sourced Fully within Europe.

Superior Build Quality

Premium Doors and Windows with Outstanding Thermal Insulation, Noise Protection, and Burglary Resistance.

25 Years Experience

We have 25+ Years Experience as
Windows & Doors Installation Experts in Dublin.

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Premium Doors & Windows - We Won't Be Beaten on Quality or Price

We pride ourselves on providing extremely high quality windows and doors, all of our materials and types of joinery is sourced within Europe, we have exclusive relationships with saw-mills and joinery businesses in Europe. Our ability to source materials straight from the source ultimately means we can provide superior quality windows & doors for our customers and pass on cost-savings.

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Why We Are Different

Our Unique Selling Points


Superior Energy Efficiency & Insulation Properties

Not all doors and windows are created equally. While the design and appearance of a door is important, what truly seperates high quality fixtures is their energy efficiency and insulation properties. Our Windows and Doors are rated A+ BER energy efficiency with industry leading U values. The U-value of windows & doors is a measurement of their heat rentention.

Certified To European DIN and ENV Standards

Our high quality Windows & Doors are rated to to the following strict standards UNI ENV 1627, UNI ENV
1628, UNI ENV 1629, and UNI ENV 1630 which establish the specifications and test
requirements for defining Intrusion and Break-in Resistance.

Advanced Customizable Configurations

We offer an extensive list of Windows and Doors fully customizable in both materials, sizing and in over 230 colour options, our offering is one of the largest within Ireland, giving our customers a truly one of a kind tailored design process.

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Extensive Selection of Windows

Window Product Catalogue

PVC Windows

Celebrate energy efficiency and modern aesthetics with our PVC windows. Crafted for durability and style, our PVC windows not only enhance your home’s appeal but also contribute to lower energy bills. 

Aluclad Windows

Elevate your home with our Aluclad windows. Combining the strength of aluminum and the durability of u PVC, our Aluclad windows offer exceptional durability, modern aesthetics and low maintenance. 

Timber Windows

 Unlike UPVC and aluminium, wood offers endless possibilities with various species, stains, and finishes. It delivers unmatched elegance, warmth, and customization options, along with excellent insulation and energy efficiency. 

Performance U-Value Windows

The U-value, or heat transfer coefficient, assesses heat movement within a building. It considers both frame and glass performance, influencing overall energy efficiency. Lower U-values signify energy savings, reduced bills, and consistent indoor comfort.

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Extensive Selection of Doors

Door Product Catalogue

Composite Doors

Boasting exceptional insulation, abundant customization options, and minimal maintenance, composite doors represent a cost-effective and versatile choice. Their ease of customization empowers homeowners to tailor each door precisely to their preferences and requirements.

Aluminium Doors

Whether you’re aiming for a timeless blend with your facade or a bold, attention-grabbing statement, aluminum doors are an excellent option, embodying sleek modern design for a clean and inviting appearance.

Large Sliding Doors

Large sliding doors are like the grand entrance to your space, making a big impact. Our expansive sliding doors are custom-designed and constructed to your exact preferences, offering the perfect blend of style, durability, and energy efficiency.

Timber-Framed Doors

Contemporary timber front doors have their own distinct qualities compared to aluminum and uPVC options. Timber exterior doors are naturally gifted with fantastic insulation, as evident in their low U-values, all without the need for internal chambers or foam. Moreover, the offer top-notch burglary protection.

Why Choose Us

Sustainable, Responsibly Sourced High Quality Windows and Doors

Did you know? The raw materials and hardware we source for the manufacturing of our windows and doors is all within Europe. We have complete control of our supply chain which ultimately means for our customers we can pass on the following benefits.

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Door Types & Styles

We boast an extensive range of door types with over 10 available door models and around 230 colours that you can adapt and fit to your unique preferences and style.

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precision windows & doors dublin

Window Types & Styles

We offer a wide variety of window types and styles, all of our available products are certified to both EN and DIN highest accredidation safety and performance standards.

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Additional Services We Offer

Our premium doors and windows provide outstanding thermal insulation, noise protection, and burglary resistance. They are made with top-quality materials ensuring minimal air loss and eliminating thermal bridges. The windows come with a range of hardware options for enhanced security and can be customized with aluminum cladding for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Windows & Doors Replaced in 6 Easy Steps - Our Project Management Process

At Precision Windows & Doors Dublin, we believe that great customer service involves going above and beyond for our clients to get the results they want, in a timely manner. When a person requests a quote to have new windows and doors installed in their home, we break the entire process down in 6 easy to follow steps to get an accurate quote from our team.

Talk to one of our team on the phone, or schedule a free callback

We typically can give you a quote on any new window and door replacement project within 24hrs.

Step 1: Initial Inquiry
  • Contact Our Team: Contact one of our window and door installation and replacement experts either through our website, phone, email, or in-person visit.
Step 2: Preliminary Information Gathering
  • Discussion of Needs: The homeowner and one of our team members discuss the project requirements, preferences, and goals for the window and door replacement project. This includes discussing the types of windows and doors needed, any design preferences, energy efficiency considerations, and any additional special requirements.
  • Measurement and Assessment: We will then arrange for and schedule a visit to the homeowners property to take accurate measurements of the windows and doors that need to be replaced. They will also assess the current condition of the existing windows and doors, framing, and any potential installation challenges.
Step 3: Product Selection and Customization
  • Product Options: Based on the homeowner’s preferences and requirements, we will present a range of product options, including different types of windows and doors, materials, styles, and features. This step helps the homeowner make informed decisions.
  • Customization: If needed, you can customize aspects such as colour, hardware, and additional features to suit their aesthetic and functional preferences.
Step 4: Accurate Quote Preparation
  • Detailed Proposal: One of our sales team-members will create a detailed proposal that includes all the chosen products, specifications, customization details, installation requirements, and any additional services such as removal of old windows and doors.
  • Material and Labour Costs: We will calculate all the material costs based on the chosen products, including any customization. We will also  estimate the labor costs required for installation based on the complexity of the project and the time it would take.
  • Site-Specific Factors: Any site-specific factors that might impact the installation process, such as accessibility, local building codes, and weather conditions, are considered when preparing the quote.
Step 5: Quote Presentation
  • Quote Presentation: One of our team will present to you the detailed proposal and the estimated cost for the entire project. This may be presented in writing, through email, or in person, and it outlines all the costs associated with the project including an estimation on labour and a projected timeline for completion.
  • Clarifications and Questions: You have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarifications, and discuss any concerns you might have regarding the quote, the project timeline, or any other aspects of the project.
Step 6: Decision Making
  • Review and Comparison: The homeowner reviews the quote, compares it with other quotes if applicable, and evaluates the value provided by our company in terms of product quality, service, and cost.
  • Approval and Contract: If the homeowner is satisfied with the quote and the proposed terms, they approve the quote and sign a contract with Precision Windows & Doors Dublin. This contract outlines the scope of work, payment terms, project schedule, and any warranties or guarantees.


*Getting an accurate quote for window and door replacement requires collaboration between the homeowner and the service provider to ensure that all details are accurately captured and understood. It’s important for both parties to communicate openly to achieve a successful project outcome.

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Check out our extensive range of customisable doors & windows
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